February 20, 2009

I bet you have spent many hours in your lovely garden and more than likely you have added several items to enhance the beauty of your flowering plants and the general ambiance of the area. I also bet you spend as much time as possible relaxing there, maybe in peaceful solitude, or with family or friends. Perhaps you have a hammock, strung between two trees – what better way to relax beside your lawn and garden?

But don’t be selfish, why not try online shopping and buy another hammock, maybe two more, so that you can share the pleasure with your significant other, and maybe one or two of the kids. These kids could be neighborhood kids, or your own, if you have any, so that the peace would not be disturbed by squabbles over “who gets the hammock”.  Hammocks and garden benches are a favorite with kids, teenagers and adults alike.  Everybody loves the outdoors and how better to enjoy it than in your favorite hammock or garden bench.

If you live in Florida, or Hawaii, where it is virtually always summer like weather, now is the time to get your hammocks, while the rest of the nation is beginning to go through the colder days of fall and winter. But for those who live further north, even during the winter months, you can still enjoy the relaxation offered by lying in your hammock, beside your lawn and garden, warmly wrapped in blankets, sweaters and shawls and enjoy the blue skies and cold fresh air.

You can also enjoy the peace and comfort of lying in a hammock at night when the sounds of daily heavy traffic diminish somewhat, and you can reminisce on the joys or tribulations of the past day, maybe make tentative plans for tomorrow, or just meditate and think of nothing at all, just the pleasure of being alive and able to appreciate your garden center, something for which you have worked hard. Another way to utilize the use of your hammock, or hammocks, at night, or at any time, is to share this time with your partner, to bond more firmly, to have friendly conversations, to discuss mutual interests and solve any potential or actual problems.

Gardens are wonderful areas, additions to any home, something to make any home a more interesting and beautiful place. So it is really important to not only spend time in your garden, but to spend time planning and enhancing the area and seeking ways to further beautify your wonderful and productive garden center. How peaceful to be relaxing in your hammock with your favorite book and have the sound of garden windchimes softly chiming in the background.  This is what you would call a Zen moment. Learn to relax and unwind and be at peace with nature.

 So do some on line shopping, and see for yourself all the products that are offered to make all your garden dreams come true.

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November 3, 2008

As the population of the world increases and more land is cleared to build houses, shopping malls, schools, government buildings and commercial offices, and of course roads to connect all these, trees become fewer and fewer.  Our forests are being depleted at an alarming rate, and even the Amazon jungle, once thought to be infinite, is showing many signs of stress, as not only trees, but also whole species of animal life, are disappearing.             

This trend is having a devastating effect, not only on wild life and humans, but also contributing in large measure to the speeding of global warming  which is increasing at a much faster rate than initially predicted. People on a whole are feeling helpless when confronted with these problems, and if the topic arises in conversation, many want to immediately change the subject. What’s the use?             

However, there is something that the average person can do, and that is planting a tree some garden shrubs, anything with leaves that grows in the earth.  The planting of a tree, especially one that is native to the area in which you live, is a positive step that almost anyone can do. You learned in your science classes at school  that chlorophyll, found only in plants, is responsible for the manufacture of oxygen from carbon dioxide – carbon that is the chief building block of life and is tied up in the trees and then released by the magic of chlorophyll.  What a wonderful thing a tree is!!            

In addition to manufacturing oxygen, trees have many other great benefits. Trees add beauty to our landscape, give shade from the sun, many bear fruit we can eat, and provide lumber to build shelter.  And if we have a house plant or two, a lonely person will have companionship.   

By planting trees at home in your lawn and garden you will be helping the environment. Adding garden decor to your garden helps you spruce up your garden and enjoy nature.       

If everyone on earth could find the time to plant one or two trees per year, think of the profound effect this would have on our environment.   

Barbara Grace has been an avid gardener all her life and assisted in developing the Garden Center to complement the plant nursery side of the business.  

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September 20, 2008



Water – the source of life, the substance of which we are made. Yes indeed, most of our bodies are composed of liquids, with very small amounts of solid chemicals. Hence our fascination with water, especially running water, waterfalls and fountains.

And you are able to bring some of this running water into your daily life, simply by sitting in front of the computer and bringing up the Garden Center and looking at the numerous types of fountains that are available to you and within your reach.

For those of you who live in houses with gardens, a lot of your time is usually spent in that area as you tend your plants and flowers. How nice it is to have an Outdoor Water Fountain or garden fountain where you may be entertained by the sound of running water as you look after your garden. Then, when you stop to rest for a while, you can sit, watch and listen to your Outdoor Water Fountain playing merrily, and you can relax and appreciate the beauties that nature has provided for you, enhanced by man’s imaginative genius.

When you go inside, you can bring with you the soothing sounds of an Indoor Water Fountain. The locations of an Indoor Water Fountain is very important. One should definitely be placed in an area where family members frequently gather, a den, or a living room, even a covered patio, for that is where most people tend to sit and talk over the daily concerns, make plans, or just be together, and Indoor Water Fountains will help to make this meeting time and place both productive and enjoyable.

Then for the smaller rooms, Tabletop Fountains or a Wall Water Fountain will be all you need to make your home into a water world, a place where you really want to be, where you can be you and where you can be comfortable and not just a house where you eat and sleep. Tabletop Water Fountains in the bedrooms are conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. It is well known that when one takes a vacation by the ocean, or in a riverside hotel, that better sleep is a by product of the vacation. Just listening to running water can be very relaxing and soothing.

And of course, whenever you entertain, you can be sure that your Fountains, wherever they are, will certainly be conversation pieces. You may escort your friends outside to your Outdoor Water Fountain, and show off your beautiful garden. Then be sure to show them your discretely placed Indoor Water Fountains, including the Tabletop Water Fountains in the bedrooms and your Wall Water Fountains in the passages and hallways.

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September 20, 2008

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